Margo's Story and History

After working in a well known, high-end day spa for several years, In 2000, Esthetician Margo McIntosh, was inspired by many of her clients to develop spa style products they could use in the privacy and convenience of their own home and receive the same amazing results they get at a spa without time and scheduling constraints and over-inflated prices.

The entire time working in the spa, Margo experimented with what salts worked and which ones didn't and the same for the oils and the fragrances. From that experience and true interest, Margo created her own Sea Salt Scrub ...the best of the best of all 3 ingredients that are in the jar. The best salt, the best oil and the best fragrance. Pure, unique and lusciously effective.

Launching with one product in 2000, Margo has expanded to 8 different products in 2 extremely unique signature scents:

Neroli Blossom (Very Beachy)  &

Blooming Earth:  (Blend of Fresh Cut Grass, Patchouli, Lavender & Green Tea)

Margo's line has not only been recognized for unequalled results, but also for their unique and addicting fragrances.

Two more fragrances in the reed diffusers are being launched soon: 

1.  Lavender/Citrus/Mint

2.  Sandalwood/Cedar

 Margo's Bath, Body & Home products are available on this website and fine retail establishments nationwide.  

If you've never tried or smelled Margo's products, click at the bottom of the page to order some free samples!