Salt Scrubs


Elegant ultra-pure scrub with only 3 ingredients!! This Sea Salt / Jojoba Oil Salt Scrub leaves your skin silky smooth with a bright, healthy glow and the enticing fragrances that stays with you all day

Margo's new Salt Scrub packaging has 33% more product than it had in the original packaging!  It's In a 12 oz jar, but weighs about a pound!

Benefits of Margo's Salt Scrubs:

*  Exfoliates your skin better than any other scrub with it's fine, but aggressive Salts!

*  Natural antioxidant/moisturizer protection from the Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil penetrates your skin better than any other oil and provides an antioxidant moisture barrier on your skin for up to 8 hours where no moisture can get out and no pollution or free radicals can get in!

*  Hydrotherapy Detoxifying Treatment when following the 'bath' instructions

*  Fragrance that lasts on you all day

*  The ultimate soft & smooth skin

*  Peace of mind knowing how pure and good for your skin Margo's Scrubs are!